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Mastic Structure© EPS Insulated Siding


Mastic Structure© EPS Insulated Siding is Sooner State Home Improvements’ number one siding recommendation for all homes. The Structure© siding increases a home’s energy efficiency, diminishes outside noise, and blankets your home in insulation, making your house comfortable through all seasons.

It’s because of the Structure© siding’s increased R-value that boosts more insulating power that Sooner State highly recommends it for any home. The higher the R-value, the more resistance to heat flow, lowering a home’s energy bill and better controlling a home’s climate.

Compared to the standard vinyl siding, the Mastic Structure© EPS Insulated Siding is 300% more impact resistant and 200% more rigid, meaning it won’t buckle down and it will last even longer. In real testing, the Structure© siding panels withstood blows from hammers that damaged lesser siding products. So despite any natural weather beating (or neightborhood kids’ accidents), Structure© EPS Insulated Siding can absorb it and resist damage.

What makes Structure© EPS Insulated Siding our recommedation?

5.0 Permeability Rating: By releasing water vapor, it keeps heat in and blocks moisture away while protecting against other factors that help cause mold and moisture deterioration under the siding. This means a better, safer home for you and your family.

  • Available lengths up to 16’8″: These longer panels means better energy efficiency for any size home without diminishing its professional look.
  • Patented t3-lok©: Structure© siding panels grip together for fast and easy installation, designed uniquely to tightly lock under pressure so even the most challenging weather won’t budge it. Plus it gives your home a smooth, tight look.
  • Up to 190 MPH Wind Resistant: The engineering and design of Mastic’s Structure© EPS Insulating Siding provides panels that have superior wind resistance.
  • Durable Thick Nail Hem, Tornado tough.
  • Increased UV Protection for our most vivid colors, keeping your house looking the same color against rough weather and long years.
  • Real Insulation Energy Star Qualified
  • Class 1(A) Fire Rating
  • Mastic Hang-Tough Technology: Mastic’s own formula that increases durability to cracking, impact and thermal warping, including changing in the panel’s color.
  • No Paint, No Hassles: No maintenance necessary to re-paint over this Structure siding.

Because of how confident Mastic and Sooner State are with this product, it comes with with a V.I.P. Limited Lifetime Warranty. Such confidence for only the best products, giving you a lifetime of safety, warmth, and security.

Additional Features

Additional features and upgrades are also available for the Structure© EPS Insulated Siding. Sooner State Home Improvements greatly recommend Mastic Structure© EPS Insulated Siding for any Oklahoma home wanting lower energy bills, tough durability against natural weather, and little to no maintenance without sacrificing aesthetics and beauty. For more information, color availability, or any additional inqueries, contact us through our toll-free number or schedule an appointment with us for a free estimate. While you are at it, ask about window replacement OKC. We are happy to send one of our professionals to come out and talk to you about all of your home improvement needs.


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