Vinyl Windows

If you are planning to upgrade a home, need window replacement OKC, or in the process of building your own home, selecting vinyl windows can be the perfect investment. Vinyl windows are extremely energy efficient and durable. Vinyl windows can significantly contribute to the reduction of your energy bill. Installing and replacing vinyl windows helps protect the environment and can greatly improve the comfort of the home.

Although the initial cost may be more expensive, choosing vinyl window replacement or vinyl windows for your new home saves money to the homeowner over time. The US Department of Energy most recently released a study where the typical homeowner using ENERGY STAR© windows can experience energy savings from $126 to $465 a year.

Benefits of Vinyl Window Replacement

  • Super energy efficient
  • Made to last a lifetime
  • Most affordable window material available for window installation and repair
  • Huge selection of styles and colors
  • Easily customizable

Vinyl Windows Save You Money

Vinyl windows have been around for about 25 years. Modern technology has improved the quality and durability of vinyl windows. As an earth-friendly product it is the best "bang for the buck" energy efficiency window. Energy credits and rebates are available for vinyl windows which have a Low-e or Low-e2 coating.

A study done by the California Energy Commission found that replacing single-pane aluminum frame windows with dual-pane vinyl windows reduces the utility bill significantly. Dual pane windows can be manufactured with argon gas in between the panes and have a Low-e coating on the glass to improve the insulation value even more.

In addition to using ENERGY STAR© vinyl windows to adjust to what appears warmer weather due to climate change, consider these other energy saving tips when looking for window replacement and installation:

  • Open blinds to windows with a southern exposure in the winter to let the heat in and close the blinds to block the sun's heat in hot weather.
  • Plant drought-resistant shrubs and trees to provide shade to the air conditioning units and home. The US Department of Energy reports that homeowners can save $100 to $250 per year in energy costs with just three well-placed trees.

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