Invest in Energy Efficient Replacement Windows for Your Midwest City Oklahoma Home

In life there are usually many opportunities that come around to either improve yourself or your situation. If you’re a homeowner living in Midwest City, improving the value, comfort, and even appearance of your home may be important to you. However, one of those projects that generally comes up at least once in a while for most Midwest City Homeowners is replacement windows.

However, far too many homeowners avoid seriously considering replacing their windows for a variety of reasons. Some might not understand the value that this home improvement project can offer them. Others might not realize just how much money they are losing in utility expenses every year due to drafty and old windows.

Below are the three most common reasons or excuses that Midwest City residents use to avoid seriously considering window replacement OKC. If you notice that you have also made some of these same excuses, we’ll also discuss why it’s the right decision to replace your old, outdated windows now rather than waiting.

The most common excuse people make is that “it’s too expensive.”

Whenever people talk about expense with regard to home improvement projects, they are missing out on a fundamental concept: the investment. Most people would agree that their house is the single most significant investment they will ever make in their life. As a result, it should be of serious interest and consideration any time there is a potential opportunity to boost the value of that investment.

The housing crisis of 2007 and 2008 was not kind to Midwest City residents. Many of us were reeling for a long time from the drop in home value. However, things have begun to improve and even though your house might not be back to the value it enjoyed in the mid part of the last decade, there are certain things you can do to help it move closer to that number.

Updating the condition and quality of several rooms in your house can certainly be one consideration. However,  window replacement OKC are a great option because they are one of the most affordable major home improvement projects you could take on.

If you approach the concept of replacement windows as an expense that you would prefer to avoid, you will be falling into the same trap that so many other homeowners have allowed themselves to become victim to. Replacement windows, the right ones, can actually increase the value of your house.

Another common excuse people use is that they honestly believe their current windows are in decent enough condition right now.

If your existing windows are at least 15 years old, it’s well past time to consider replacing them. The average life expectancy for windows is anywhere between 12 to 20 years. It all depends on the type of window, the quality of the window, and how well you maintain them through the years.

Many people who own a home that is more than 30 or 40 years old will have had wood frames as their original windows. If you still have those original windows, most likely you understand how poor the condition can be. The window frames themselves could be cracked, splintered, and painted over dozens of times.

That can affect the ease of operation and use.

It can also negatively impact the appearance and perceived quality of your home, which can impact the value of it.

Finally, the third most common excuse that far too many Midwest City residents use to avoid seriously considering replacement windows is they could name a dozen other things they would rather spend their money on.

That may seem reasonable, but what are you going to invest in with regard to home improvement? If you’re thinking that the latest 70 inch flatscreen TV and ultra high quality surround sound system and maybe even a couple home theater style seats is the best investment for your comfort and home, think again.

Those things may be fun, and while you’ll likely enjoy them for some time, the novelty wears off pretty quickly. It’s one of the main reasons why people who purchased 42 inch TVs seven or eight years ago eventually upgraded to 55 inch and now 70 inch TVs. It’s never really going to be enough to be completely satisfied and comfortable and happy at home.

However, if you are saving an average of $20 a month on your utility expenses because you chose energy efficient windows, you’re going to be more comfortable and saving thousands of dollars throughout the life of those windows. They can almost pay for themselves in 10 or 15 years.

Not only that, when you are thinking about selling your home or considering getting a home equity loan for another major project, such as in addition or finishing off the basement, adding replacement windows is one of the few projects that can actually boost the overall value of your home.

Why replacement windows are the right decision right now.

You’re thinking about the condition of your windows, frustrated by what you see, and realize on some level that this is something to at least look into. If your windows are old, worn out, broken, or just don’t look right anymore, waiting is only going to continue costing you more money.

Investing in energy efficient, high quality windows now can not only help you save money on your heating and cooling expenses throughout the year, it can also provide more comfort, improved style, and even value for your entire house.

To see just what replacement windows can truly do for you, your home, and your family, contact Sooner State Home Improvements today. In business since 1987, we have the experience and reputation to make a positive difference in your life.

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