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There are so many different home improvement projects that you could be thinking about right now that it's easy to overlook some of the biggest ones. If you were to ask 100 homeowners in Edmond, Oklahoma about what they see or think about with regard to home improvement, you would likely receive a wide range of answers.

Some will immediately think about renovating their kitchen. Kitchen renovations are some of the most popular home improvement projects across the country. That's because they offer some of the best return on the investment. A house that has a brand new, high quality kitchen renovation will actually be assessed at a higher value than one with an outdated, old, beat up kitchen.

Other homeowners may think about installing an entertainment center or creating a game room. They might believe that this can actually help boost the value of their home. Some people may even believe that installing Ethernet systems and even a home security system could improve the value of their house.

Rarely would any homeowner in Edmond or elsewhere even think that replacement windows would be worthwhile. Far too often, when it becomes clear that the old, broken, over-painted windows and frames need to be replaced, it�s thought of as an expense. The homeowner begrudgingly sets out to look at various options. Usually when they do this, they are looking for the cheapest possible windows they can find or to simply replace their current windows with something similar, of the same size, and same style.

That misses out on an incredible opportunity. At Sooner State Home Improvements, we have been helping homeowners in Edmond and the surrounding area since 1987 find the optimal windows for their home. In almost every case, the homeowners we have helped are thrilled with the way their brand new windows look, how they completely change the feel of any room in their house, and the surprise they get when they learn their home has increased in value.

What are the top five home improvement projects that you could consider taking on and actually boost the value of your home?

The top five would be: a kitchen renovation, bathroom remodeling, adding an addition to the home and replacement windows.

When you're reading this list, it may surprise you to realize that window replacement OKC can actually boost the value of your home as much as it can. In fact, depending on the type of kitchen renovation a person takes on for their home, quality replacement windows could actually offer a greater return on that investment.

Why replacement windows offer such a boost in value?

While you may not think about it too much, the windows of your home are the gateway, or the soul, of your house. They provide a connection to the outside world. When you are sitting in a room and you have the window treatments open, whether you have shutters, drapes, curtains, or blinds, you're allowing light to enter the home. You're also inviting the outside world in.

Another factor that makes window replacement OKC so important has to do with energy efficiency and function. When you have highly energy efficient windows, you can save money on your utility bills throughout the winter as well as the summer months. Even saving an average of $20 per month on your heating and cooling expenses throughout the year could equal $240 every single year. When you consider that the average replacement window should last around 15 to 20 years, it's easy to see just how much money you can save over all of that time.

Because the condition of brand new windows is so evident, potential homebuyers would be willing to make a higher offer on your house than what you might think. Also, when you consider the amount of money that could be saved on your utility bills, it's a major selling point. Of course, you might not be looking at selling your home anytime soon, but it's nice to know that the value of it can increase with such be simple home improvement project.

How to approach purchasing replacement windows to maximize the return on this investment.

The moment you decide to look into replacement windows for your Edmond home, be sure to take your time with it. Avoid falling into the common trap of heading to your local home improvement superstore and thinking the cheap windows they have there are good enough.

They might look fine in the store, but once you have them installed in your home you will begin to notice how cheap they really are. Plastic components can break if they are opened too quickly. During very cold winter days or nights, you'll also feel that incredible draft that seeps in and around the vinyl frame.

This doesn't mean vinyl windows are cheap, but the cheapest windows happen to be made of vinyl.

Establish a budget on how much you can afford for this home improvement project. If you don't have a budget set before you begin looking at various replacement windows, you could either spend too little or too much and either way is going to minimize the return on that investment.

If you're excited about the prospect of choosing the best replacement windows for your home in Edmond, contact Sooner State Home Improvements. We are an A+ Better Business Bureau rated company, have earned the Angie's List's Super Service Award for 2011 and 2012, and were the Daily Oklahoman Reader's Choice Award winner between 2009 and 2011. We understand replacement windows, concerns that homeowners have, and best way to approach the process. You will be thrilled, too.

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