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Do it yourselfers are an interesting breed. These ambitious individuals enjoy the challenges of learning various projects to work on. Whether it is changing the oil in their car, fixing the hot water heater, or any other type of project, they may have experience with those things already, or they might pick up a book to try to learn more about it.

There are so many potential home improvement projects that almost any homeowner could take on, and they are encouraged to do so by the mega home improvement superstores that have run so many smaller businesses out of business.

Maybe you’re one of these homeowners who believe he or she can do just about any type of improvement project. You may have become more and more skilled at tile work, especially with the two or three bathrooms you have renovated over the years. You may be replacing the kitchen cabinets and countertops and only rely on a contractor to cut the countertop to your specifications. Those are great things. You should be proud of it.

However, when it comes to window replacement OKC, it’s time to stop, step back, and evaluate the situation more clearly. Replacing windows is not like most other home improvement projects. It may seem very simple on the surface, but there could be numerous aspects to the windows you purchase that can make it more challenging for you to install them properly.

Did you know that if you don’t install a window properly it may leak or not function the way it was designed? Most people assume that window replacement OKC is a simple matter of removing the flashing outside or the molding inside, using a saws-all to cut the nails that affix the current window to the frame, removing the old window and replacing it with the new one.

In a best case scenario this isn’t too far from the truth. However, experience shows us that rarely will you find the best case scenario. You may realize that this home improvement project offers you an incredible opportunity to completely transform any room in your house. You might want to replace your existing double hung windows with casement or sliding windows. Maybe the windows you have in your home right now are not of a standard size, even though they are measured to be “close.”

Below are a few of the common challenges that do it yourselfers face when attempting to install replacement windows by themselves.

  1. Window sizes vary.

Believe it or not, that 21 inch wide double hung window might seem like a standard size, but a different manufacturer may measure their rough opening a bit differently. Maybe you forgot to measure the width of the window and just assumed it was standard because once you were in a store it sure looked to be about the same as what they had labeled as standard.

Then you get the window, the old window out of the frame, and go to install the new one in its place. Maybe there is an inch gap on either side. You figure you can deal with this well enough. In truth, you can certainly add insulation to help minimize drafts, but because the window is not situated ideally into that frame, it’s going to reduce the energy efficiency rating of that window.

You may also realize you want to increase the size of a window in a specific room in your house. That will require a significant amount of work. You’ll have to cut out the frame, reframe it, and possibly even add headers to support the weight of the wall. This might be more than your skill can handle at this time.

  1. Warranties might not be honored.

Another important consideration for do it yourselfers to make is that the warranty on their windows might not be honored if they are not installed by a certified installer. Some manufacturers stipulate that in order to have the warranty be effective and honored, the customer will need to have them installed by a professional, certified installer.

That might seem like just one more money making ploy, but today’s windows offer numerous functionality aspects and need to be installed so that they work properly. If they are installed off angle, unleveled, or not flush to the right point, it can affect the functionality and durability of those windows.

If the warranty is important to you, consider having a certified installer replace the windows for you.

  1. This is not like other basic home improvement projects.

When you’re talking about window replacement OKC, you have to take security into consideration. Your entry doors and windows are the two places where people can get into your home. You may have high quality entry doors that are locked and secured. If so, the windows will be the next place someone would try to gain access into your home.

If those windows are not installed properly, it could affect the security for your entire house.

Also, 40 percent of your home’s heat and cool air is lost through drafty windows and doors. If those windows are not installed properly, it could lead to a decrease in energy efficiency. This could cost you money every single month on your utility bills.

If you are a do it yourselfer living in Choctaw, Oklahoma, be proud of the fact that you can do so many things. However, temper that pride with an understanding of the importance of window replacement OKC.

If you want to learn more about replacement windows and why it is essential to have an experienced, certified installer install them in your home, contact Sooner State Home Improvements today.

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