Replacement Windows, An Affordable Way To Improve Your Bethany Oklahoma Home

If you're like a lot of homeowners in Bethany, you might sit around trying to determine what's missing. You have nice furniture, good neighbors, and a pretty good kitchen. For the most part, you have the luxuries that matter most. But yet there is something missing with regard to comfort, appearance, and even value for your house.

Many people are excited when they first purchase a new home. Even if you buy that home used, it's still new to you. You move in, begin to arrange your furniture and other items to your liking, focus on interior design, paint the walls the color you prefer, and do so many other projects to try and make it as comfortable as possible.

At first, things are great. You are excited to come home, sit in the living room, spend time entertaining guests and family, and doing all of the other wonderful things that come with owning your own home. Then one day you begin to notice that you don't feel quite the same way as you did a while ago.

That's when you begin to look around at various aspects of your home, trying to figure out what's missing. You might be working in the kitchen, take a moment to look around, and think it's time for new appliances, a new countertop, new cabinets, and maybe even a new floor. Perhaps you are sitting outside over the summer on a lounge chair and wishing you had a more appealing outdoor living space.

There are so many different projects that you could take on and each one has the potential to improve some aspects of comfort, style, and even value for your Bethany home. One thing that is commonly overlooked, though, is replacement windows.

Window replacement OKC offer an incredible opportunity to completely transform any room in the house as well as boost its value, comfort, and appearance overall. When you think about it, it's the windows and entry doors of your home that are visible from both inside and outside the house. High quality windows can add to the curb appeal of your home and they can also add to the overall comfort you feel when you get home from a long day at work.

Below are five reasons why replacement windows are a great option when you're thinking about various home improvement projects.

  1. Ease of use.

The older windows get, the harder it will be to open and close them. Even vinyl windows will begin to break down over time. While wood windows are more susceptible to warping and other issues that can affect functionality, brand new windows offer much greater ease of use.

You can also get better functionality out of new windows. If you have windows that were new 30 years ago, it's unlikely they open inward to allow you to clean the outside parts of the window from inside your home. Today's windows offer you that, at least the double hung windows do. This can be extremely beneficial for second and third floor windows of any home throughout Bethany.

  1. Cleanliness.

When it is easier to keep something clean, you're more likely to maintain it on a regular basis. If you have to get a bucket, get a squeegee, grab paper towels, get out a ladder, and climb up and down that ladder after moving it into place for every single window, you're more likely to reserve this maintenance project for once or twice a year. That's not going to benefit the windows in any way, shape, or form.

With windows that are easier to maintain, it will be more likely that you'll keep them clean and looking new for as long as possible.

  1. Protect against sun damage.

If you choose replacement windows that have the low-e film applied to the glass, it can cut down on the amount of ultraviolet radiation that gets into your home. It's the sun's UV rays that fade furniture, dry wood, destroy leather, and affect many aspects within your home.

It's also the sun's UV rays that generate heat. Having low-e film directly applied to the window glazing can help you save on your cooling expenses throughout the summer as well.

  1. Choosing the right windows can boost the overall value of your home.

If you choose the cheapest windows you can find, they will certainly serve a basic purpose but you're going to miss out on numerous benefits. Energy efficiency will likely be extremely limited with the cheap windows you find. Also, if you make the proper investment in higher quality windows, you could actually see the overall value of your house increase.

You might not be thinking of selling your home in the near future, but any time you can increase the value of your home, it's going to be a positive thing.

  1. Transform any room in the house.

With replacement windows, you could actually completely change the look, style, and appearance of any single room throughout your house. For example, you may have two double hung windows in the dining room that look out onto a gorgeous colorful garden you've developed in your backyard. Those double hung windows will certainly provide you a decent view of that garden, but a bay window might be a better option. Not only will a bay window create an illusion of more space within that room, it will provide a more picturesque view of what's beyond that window.

As you can see, replacement windows are an affordable way to improve the comfort, appearance, and value of your Bethany home. If that's something that seriously interests you, contact Sooner State Home Improvements today. We are an A+ rated company with the Better Business Bureau and have been helping Bethany homeowners for more than 25 years.

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