Pergolas Oklahoma

If want to protect your outdoor living space from the elements while filtered sunlight shines on your patio, consider getting a pergola. The latticed design of this patio covering helps shield your patio from direct exposure to the Oklahoma weather, but it still allows for open airflow. This stylish addition can also add value to your home.


Benefits of Pergolas

  • Air can be filtered through the beams to keep your patio cool.
  • Exposure to the Oklahoma sun is limited by the beams
  • Vines and other plants can grow in the open spaces between beams
  • Pergolas can be designed to match your home's style, while adding to resale value

Types of Pergolas


Add the natural beauty of wood to your patio. Wood pergolas are a stylish addition to your outdoor living space. They also provide a natural material for plants to grow against in your pergola.


Vinyl pergolas can be designed to mimic wood, and they can add elegance to your home's outdoor living space. Vinyl pergolas can also stand up to the elements while resisting decay.

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