Oklahoma Home Styles

Regardless of how much we run with the pack, we want to stand out. This
desire can inform the clothes we wear, the vehicles we drive and the work we do on our homes.

Yes, curb appeal is a big reason why people remodel their homes. Having a home that sparkles in a neighborhood not only helps raise its resale value, but also raises the visibility of the homeowner.

So if you’re looking for a style for your Oklahoma home that’s sure to stand out, where should you turn? Read on!

What Are Some Common Oklahoma Home Styles?

In order to stand out from the pack, we must first know what we’re standing out from. When “the pack” refers to common Oklahoma homes, we’re talking about a few particular home styles.

Since many Oklahoma towns and cities were founded in the late 1800s,
craftsman-style homes can be found in all corners of the Sooner State. These homes tend to have extensive porches and pointed roofs with prominent eaves.

Ranch style houses are also popular. These homes are often single-story,
rectangular structures. They’re much simpler in design and look than craftsman homes.

Many traditional style homes also exist in Oklahoma. These homes — which
often have multiple stories — are often moderately more elaborate than ranch homes, and they can include some limited features used in other home styles (such as craftsman homes).

Homes That Have The Wow Effect in Oklahoma

As you can see, Oklahoma homes tend to stay consistent with the state’s
frontier heritage. However, if you decide to emulate the styles of homes in some neighboring states, you can really stand out. Here are a few examples.

Log Cabin

Log cabins have been built across America for centuries, but they tend to be found in abundance in forested and mountainous areas — including Colorado. Oklahoma doesn’t have these features in abundance, so log cabin style homes aren’t too common within its borders.

Log cabin homes aren’t flashy, but they are still stylish. There are other benefits, too. Log siding is a great insulator. It can also last a long time, even when
exposed to the notoriously unpredictable Oklahoma weather.

Spanish Style

This style of home is more commonly found in parts of Texas than it is in
Oklahoma. It often features adobe-style walls, rounded window and door openings
and large windows.

Spanish style homes let a lot of light into your home, which is great for those
sunny Oklahoma days. Still, there’s a significant amount of reinforced outer wall
space to keep the elements out of your home.

Another benefit to Spanish style homes is that they can often have structural
similarities to traditional homes (such as a two story design). This means that these
homes will look stylish in Oklahoma neighborhoods without standing out like a
castle in the desert.

Southern Colonial

One feature often lacking in Oklahoma homes is prominent porch space. If
you want more outdoor space in your home, consider a Southern Colonial style
home. These homes are more prominent in southern states such as Louisiana,
Alabama or Mississippi, but they can also be a good fit in the Sooner State.

Southern Colonial homes tend to have a large, columned front porch and
evenly placed windows. These homes can look grandiose or low-key, depending on
how they’re designed. Either way, a Southern Colonial style home will look
impressive in an Oklahoma neighborhood.

All three of these home styles can be designed to maximize protection from
the elements and energy efficiency. If you’re looking to create a standout home,
choose the style that catches your eye and start building!

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